Sunset Shapers is a core surf shop at heart, we are a resource for local surfers, board builders and hobbyists.   We provide surfboards, fins, hand planes, wax and leashes to surfers in the area as well as blanks, resin, fiberglass, fin boxes and other input materials required in the surfboard building process.  We also offer full service contract glassing and custom board fabrication through Las Olas Surfboards.   We are dedicated to spreading knowledge and stoke to anyone wanting to build their own surf craft and feel that surfing a self shaped board is one of the most fulfilling experiences a surfer can have.

The boss lady, Olas the shop dog.

The boss lady, Olas the shop dog.


Our Story

Sunset Shapers was founded in 2010 as a way for local shapers to display their works.  With our in-house shaping room, we quickly noticed an interest from the community in the idea of having a place for them to make their own boards.  We began offering our shaping room for rental along with private, one on one shaping lessons.  At the time,  the only glass shops in the area were 75 miles away in Santa Cruz and there was an obvious need for the service in San Francisco.  In 2012 we opened a 2000 sq/ft, full service glassing and ding repair facility.  We now provide contract glassing to some of the areas most notable surfboard labels as well as the average backyard shaper. 

James Mitchell

Our Founder

James Mitchell is the owner of Sunset Shapers and the head shaper at Las Olas Surfboards.  Las Olas provides all of the custom boards to our customers and builds many of the boards we stock in the shop.  James was born and raised in the North Bay Area and moved to San Francisco in 2005.   He started shaping as a hobby and built his first shaping room in his Outer Sunset garage in 2006.  James built a couple dozen boards start to finish on his own before taking a position at the Santa Cruz Board Builders Guild as a production laminator.  Under the guidance of master craftsmen Doug Haut, Doug Fletcher, and Dave Aranovicci James learned how to shape, laminate, fin, sand, gloss and polish all sorts of boards from classic 10' logs to performance thrusters.  James shapes all types of boards but most enjoys shaping classic, single-fin nose riders  as well as step-ups and guns for OB.   With over a decade of experience in the surfboard industry James now manages and oversees the production of every board that goes through our shop.